Saturday Night, November 10

1) Wind advisory + sun = cape!

2) Around the World in Eighty Days, both novel and movie.

3) “I went to a mahvelous pahty,” as the late Noel Coward said. Only this one was in the basement of Jacques’ (!) to celebrate the birthdays of not one but two friends. Delighted to see old and new friends - so delighted to see one particular friend that someone else suggested we might get a room. There’s life in the old boy yet . . . ;-)

Bonus: Tomorrow being the 100th anniversary of the Armistice, I really ought to be mustering up some energy to reread some of that history, but I haven’t been able to get further than putting up Grampa’s doughboy picture on ye Fycebykke (which I do every year) and ferreting around the Yewtybbe for Diana Wynyard’s best scene in Noel Coward’s Cavalcade (to which my dear friend Karl introduced me years ago). It isn’t there, but you can enjoy this pretty waltz from Cavalcade instead.

Bonus A: Maybe tomorrow I’ll retell the Story of the Pole Vaulter from Manila, which followed Grampa to France in 1918.