Thursday Morning, October 4

1) Yesterday turned out to be a wonderful, impromptu office excursion for us all to get our flu shots! “Whaaaaaaat?!” you ask. After having gotten the flu for a whole week after my last flu shot several years ago, I just said “I am too busy to be sick for a week!” Then I was down with the flu for two weeks last spring (as you may recall). And my doctor gave me a stern talking-to, so I knew I’d be getting a shot this autumn.

1a) Colleagues were very proactive about all this. One printed out flu shot forms for anyone going to complete early, to save time. Another kept calling out the number of minutes until the campus shuttle was supposed to get there. I think from our end of the floor about six people were on the shuttle, along with some others.

1b) The Great Big Flu Shot Clinic had been set up in ye Wylker Memorial, and a colleague timed us waiting in line for 28 minutes. It passed quite pleasantly with a whole clutch of people to talk and joke with!

1c) I could not roll up the sleeve of my dress shirt high enough for the nurse, so I had to undo everything from the top down so she could “go in from the top.”

2) Lots on the calendar today: the opening of mit.nano in the afternoon, and then a cocktail party on Newbury Street, and then dinner with a friend.

3) I’m trying not to let the fact that it’s already October get to me.