Tuesday Morning, January 16

1) Yesterday evening I had all the neighbors in for a glass of Champagne to celebrate the completion of the construction phase of the third-floor kitchen and bathroom renovation. It might have been the first time that 75% of the building's children were in my home, and I got to see live the routine that goes on over my head most mornings. With all the doors open, the traditional layout of a tripledecker does lend itself to the idea of an oval racetrack, so there was some racing about. But the children were also fascinated (I choose the word carefully) with sitting on the cedar chest in the dining room and with my head-popping Marie Antoinette action figure.

1a) Mercy no, of course I didn't give the children Champagne! :-)

2) Gluttonous leads to glutinous, not gluteus.

3) This morning I was up at 5:15 AM. Candlelight coffee and devotional, breakfast, social media - and now at 7 AM I'm ready to go back to bed! Energy up, buddy - you have a full day today.