Weekend of August 5-6

1) Of the six pieces of writing I wanted to get done this weekend, I completed two, made some progress on a third, and didn't get to the other three. Oh well, progress not perfection! But I do feel good about getting those two pieces done.

2) A Saturday night of Ealing Comedies at Worcester Square: Whisky Galore!, which I'd never seen, and an old favorite, Kind Hearts and Coronets. Delighted seeing the former to recognize Gordon Jackson (Hudson on my beloved Upstairs, Downstairs), Jean Cadell (Mrs Pierce in Pygmalion with Lesie Howard and Wendy Hiller), and Basil Radford (who has the small part of Sir George with Charles Laughton in Hitchcock's Jamaica Inn).

3) You can certainly tell that the third-floor children are home from summer vacation.