Friday Night, August 11

Dinner at Gasbag with three close friends:

1) Arriving early, I pregamed at the bar with a cat's pajamas cocktail. "Mmm, rye!" I said to myself! But it came with so much orange and whatnot and turned out to be as sweet as a Claude Upson daiquiri.

2) Turns out it's Restaurant Week (I had no idea - i'm such a provincial) so I enjoyed the prixy fixy menu with a salad of heirloom tomatoes concealing some mozzarella business as though it was an escaped criminal, salmon with a sauce both delicate and savory, and then the most exquisite dark chocolate truffle cake with just a hint of lemon zest. Oh. My. God!

3) My knowledge of 21st-century television is so limited. I know there's something with a throne, and something else with a crown, and that Mad Men of Downton Abbey has been over for awhile. And something with some dead people that keep walking. All I can say is, I miss Laugh-In.