Wednesday, August 9, recollected

1) Dined last night with a group of volunteers in the lush Brookline back yard of a committee member. All the elements conspired to make a lovely evening: mild weather, good food, unassuming good manners, and good talk.

2) As an alumni relator, getting dropped into a group of people who have known each other well for decades is one of the challenges one has to face. It's important not to dominate the conversation (it's their night) and just as important not to sit there like a lump. A basic strategy is to ask a question that will start people on student reminiscences. On this occasion, one of the many topics brought up was the history of women at MIT. There I had something to contribute, since I've met and worked with several women who graduated in the 1950s and earlier. And some of the alumnae I mentioned were also fondly remembered by those present. Wonderful stories.

3) I had no idea that Barbara Cook was the original Cunegonde, or that Glenn Campbell had recorded "Southern Nights." So I have been enjoying for the first time the former's recording of "Glitter and Be Gay," and remembering hearing the latter on KLOU many times in my early teens.