Monday morning, July 24

1) Up at 5:40 AM and, while I had a motivation to get up, it feels like an "up like a stone" morning.

2) Ear worms this morning have ranged from Harry Belafonte's work chant in Island in the Sun to that Mennonite hymn I heard sung on the Common Saturday - and thought I had forgotten. I wish I knew the words . . .

2a) Why on earth has Island in the Sun become my go-to movie? I'd never heard of it, it's very dated (subject: interracial relationships), and James Mason looks old enough to be Diana Wynyard's brother instead of her younger son. Is it the score? Dorothy Dandridge? Young Joan Collins? Older Joan Fontaine? I have no idea.

3) Must-do assignment today: call the pest control people. Last week I saw a rat running toward the house. Friday or Saturday one of the neighbors saw a rat running out of the hedge at the front of the house. *shudder* Faugh! Rats!