Bastille Day Weekend

I spent the weekend visiting a Friend in Plymouth from Friday night to Sunday afternoon, on a visit that included:

1) A ferocious headache (mine), but only until Saturday afternoon.

2) Magnificent omelettes and pancakes.

3) Engaged conversation on a wide range of topics, from family stories to healthcare policy.

4) Tarot readings.

5) A seafood paella both delicate and savory. I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant now.

6) Rear Window, the first time I'd seen it in many years.

7) All Through the Night, a Humphrey Bogart gangster comedy including Jane Darwell as his mother and Conrad Veidt and Judith Anderson as Nazi fifth columnists using an auction house as a cover to blow up the Navy. Amusing, but about half an hour too long. One understands why it's been forgotten . . .

8) The overpowering, spicy smell of heated kelp.

9) Sunday morning coffee talk on the deck.

10) Sleeping on the commuter rail.