Tuesday night, July 11

1) QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Our moments of destiny steal upon us so quietly, generally so unperceived, that we are hardly aware of them until they have passed by. Only in after years can we look back on them and see them from their true perspective, know that they made or marred our whole lives." - Elizabeth Drexel Lehr, from her memoir about her husband King Lehr and the Gilded Age

1a) I just read this tonight, only a couple hours ago. With the latest wrinkle of the Trump/Russian scandal unfolding before us, I have to wonder if the players are reflecting on their quiet moments of destiny that led them to this place. And if all of us as Americans are reflecting about where in our lives was that moment that led us to today, supporting or opposing a particular party or person. Where was that time in my life, in yours? I don't think I know yet, for myself.

2) Today is the first day this summer that I've turned on the air conditioning. It's July 11.

3) It's so necessary to eliminate distractions, but Fear is a big distraction. Also Sloth. Fear and Sloth.