Diana Wynyard Film Festival

With only prosecco in the house, it's unwittingly turned out to be a Diana Wynyard Film Festival today:

Island in the Sun, based on the novel by Alec Waugh, is now laughably dated story of interracial relationships on a fictional island in the West Indies. La Wynyard plays a British matron of the islands with a scandalous secret - which is that Joan Collins is her daughter. Also starring James Mason and the remarkable Dorothy Dandridge.

Alexander Korda's An Ideal Husband came to my attention by reading Cecil Beaton's diaries; he designed the costumes, and had some very interesting commentary about the production and the personalities involved, especially Korda, Paulette Goddard, and my beloved Constance Collier.

Noel Coward's Cavalcade was introduced to me by a dear friend who is a true fan of Diana Wynyard's, including her slightly crossed eyes. Coward's story of the Marryot family and their servants, and the effect of the early 20th century from Mafeking to jazz on them is sweeping, poignant - and in the 21st century, rather scented with the lavender of nostalgia. Notice also Margaret Lindsay's performance as Edith.