Monday morning, May 8

1) You make all kinds of plans with yourself to get a strong start to the day, and then you bargain with yourself to alter those plans because you're just too damn tired.

2) Dishwashing has never been a favorite housekeeping activity, but unavoidable, esp. as I have no dishwasher. And I have a reputation as a terrible housekeeper in no small part because of a long, long history of neglecting washing the dishes until the sink was unusably full. (Indeed, two of my best friends remain traumatized by their impromptu visit to my Beacon Street apartment way back in 1992; they said it was like modern art, how full the sink was.) But since about 2010 I've slowly changed my habits, and this morning, after a weekend dinner for ten that involved 41 pieces of silverware, ten plates, ten tumblers, four small serving bowls, ten or 12 wine glasses, a colander, two pots, and a variety of kitchen utensils like tongs and big spoons, only the biggest pot and the cutting board are in the sink this morning.

3) One month from today Reunions begins. One month!