Sunday night, May 7

1) Mostly away from social media this weekend, preparing for a casual dinner party.

2) Early this afternoon I heard the third-floor neighbors returning home and poked my head out the door to thank them for a favor. All four of them in wide-brimmed hats and carrying picnic gear, I asked if they'd been to the park. Three-year-old MIss blurted out "We went to a big fairy house!" And without missing a beat I asked "And do you know a big fairy to live in a big fairy house?" Needless to say all the adults shared a smile.

2a) I am not quite sure what this big fairy house is, but apparently they leave gifts for the big fairy, and sometimes get gifts back. I think they said they left dates this time.

2b) How I'd like someone to leave a date or two at my house . . .

3) Almost feels as if I've done nothing but wash dishes this weekend, but there was much other housekeeping to do, and camaraderie to enjoy, and oh my goodness, the moon was bright this morning.