Friday night, May 19

1) Headache. For the first time in a long time. I think it's Etiquetteer getting back at me for pulling out my linen shoes today.

2) Surprised to learn via Flickr (first) and Facebook (next) of the death of author James Spada. Mutual friends introduced us about 25 years ago; I remember flirting with him at a party at Club Cabaret for the (awful) film Lie Down With Dogs. Later I got him to introduce a screening of Jezebel at the Coolidge Corner Theatre when his magnificent, definitive biography of Bette Davis came out, More Than a Woman. I haven't seen him for years - he'd moved back to California ages and ages ago - but I always remembered him with pleasure.

2a) I'll bet I still have those dog tags that were given out as souvenirs at that party.

3) During my bereavement this winter, one of my alumni volunteers who'd made a point about asking about my father said it would be so appropriate for him to make a donation to his scholarship fund in Daddy's memory. Well, that was a sweet thought, and I thought no more of it, until I got official confirmation yesterday from the Office That Handles Such Things that yes, a donation in Daddy's memory had been made to the Scholarship in Question by this alumnus. So - not just a sweet thought, but a thoughtful action! The Office That Handles Such Things is sending a notification letter to Mother, which I know she will appreciate.

3a) Daddy really valued education; having flunked first grade and spent most of his college years studying basketball, I think he was really in awe of Education. He always told me and my sister that he'd pay for all the education we wanted. Certainly he was disappointed I didn't go on to get a doctorate and teach at a university (but let's face it, that sort of career would make me miserable). But that veneration of Education makes a scholarship gift so appropriate for Daddy.