Saturday morning, April 8

1) In my dream, I was following my two English friends P*** and C******** who were walking ahead of me on a path into a forest. Turning, the scene changed to a wide plain on a sunny day. The foreground was full of rows of dark red velvet coffins. Many of them were open - it's almost as if this was the annual day to give the dead an airing. The corpses looked dead, but not decayed. None had died young. They were sitting up inside the velvet coffins, which were tall enough that their heads rested in a corner without sticking up over the top. The word "Russian" came into my mind in the dream; on waking, I was reminded of the burial of Yury's mother in Doctor Zhivago.

1a) In the same dream, I recall Rowan Atkinson on a date at a bar seeing a CCTV live video of Julie Andrews trapped in a restroom. He abandoned his date to go rescue her.

2) Today will be all about preparations for the road race open house: mopping, vacuuming, laundry, shopping, rearranging furniture, stuff like that. Came home last night to see small stacks of large plastic tubs of Roommate's belongings, so I hope he'll get those out today.

3) It's taking a little time to get started this morning, though.