A Sense of Celebration

Yesterday I was asked "On Labor Day weekend, how do you want to describe the summer you just had?" And the very first word that came into my head was "Celebration."

By the end of the summer I want to celebrate professional and creative achievements. I want to be able to celebrate renewed connections with people after a period of - well, not just retreat since my father died, but of letting the rush and sloth of daily life keep me from paying attention for longer than that.

What's already on the books? One of my very best friends is getting married. I'm attending a conference at S******* University and will add a couple vacation days in San Francisco to the trip. A couple friends with hospitable impulses and vacation homes have extended weekend invitations. Of course the summer begins with Reunions, and it takes just a bit longer to recover afterward each year.

It is pleasant to think about not just how I want things to be, but how I need to take responsibility for making them happen myself.