Patriots Day Morning, 2017

It has become my annual tradition to go to work on Patriots Day, though the office is closed, and take the holiday in June after Reunions, when I can really use it.

1) Up like a stone at 6:30 AM. Dining room breakfast: two eggs scrambled, two slices dry whole grain toast, small bowl vanilla yogurt and blueberries, and of course coffee.

2) Every year I hope I can be early enough for the bus to pass the barricades on Beacon Street, and every year I am disappointed. At least this year the pert bus driver, a Woman Younger Than I, let us know before leaving Ruggles that she could take us no further than Fenway Station.

2a) Still, I made good time:
8:21 AM: Disembark from CT2 bus near Fenway Station.
8:37 AM: Arrive Marsh Chapel, BU campus.
8:41 AM: Arrive Casey Underpass.
8:46 AM: Arrive office.

3) On the left, a garland of tiny Tibetan prayer flags around the base of a lamp post on the BU Bridge. On the right, a very expensive pair of white headphones hanging precariously from the end of the branch of a tree.