Easter Morning, 2017

1) After a poor night's sleep in the second bedroom (was it the bed? bad vibrations from Roommate? my aching feet?), started the day at 7 AM with chicory coffee and the KJV Gospel of John. Still somewhat fuzzy from sleep, I found it gained from being read aloud.

1a) Immediately before or after the Gospel, I left an Easter basket in front of each neighbor's door with most of the leftover chocolate eggs from last weekend's open house.

2) I was flexible enough with my morning plans to allow myself to put on The Wizard of Oz, start a load of wash, and then (not already on my weekend do list) clean out and reorganize the bar. Now that I live alone it's safe to bring the hard liquor out of my own room and return it to its proper place. Pleasant to rediscover a row of empty bottles of rare spirits in the back row - happy memories of foreign travels and generous friends.

3) Windows open to enjoy the surprising warmth of the day. My plans may change again to allow for some raking or gardening.