Christmas Vacation, Day Nine - Morning

A) How exciting to discover that my new favorite group Postmodern Jukebox has released a new version of "What Are You Doin' New Year's Eve?"!

1) I woke up like concrete at 7:40 AM from two blocks of deep sleep separated by over an hour of wakefulness - a late start to the day!

2) Grapefruit, scrambled eggs with cheese, and conversation with Mother for breakfast. We laid plans to accomplish things on my last full day at home.

3) Spent the morning finishing my Christmas cards, writing Lovely Notes of Thanks to family, and getting Mother's name and address off mailing lists. I rose from the guest room desk at 11:30 AM with a great feeling of satisfaction.

3a) Stamping the mail to go out, I saw an outgoing envelope to a non-profit that I hadn't researched yet. Mother watched me look it up on ye Wykypediya and ye Chyryty Nyvigytor; the latter wouldn't even profile it because the organization had >$1M. I said " Mamma, if they don't even have enough money for ye Chyryty Nyvigytor to profile them, they are not players in the national discussion. Don't bother with 'em." Another website frankly labeled them a scam.

4) Realized with horror that I hadn't yet given Younger Nephew Who Must Not Be Tagged and his wife their anniversary card (which was December 9 - oops!), so I hope they let me take them out to dinner tonight.

5) Just now took a call from one of Daddy's timeshares, too.

6) For maximum efficiency, Mother and I now have a 3 PM appointment at the kitchen table to take care of some mailing list business. Before that, lunch and laundry!