Christmas Vacation, Day Six - Christmas Eve Morn

1) I was awake before 5 AM, and eventually heard someone (likely my brother-in-law, a noted early riser) moving about the house. But eventually I was conversing with a Los Angeles-based high school friend wearing black with orange and yellow paisley accents at the elbows, and then witnessing what might have been a gay Italian travelogue . . . and suddenly it was almost 7 AM.

2) Tony made the coffee and provided delicious baked goods from a nearby bakery (om nom nom), and he and I and Laura just sat around in the kitchen reading the news or social media. A traditional, sleepy start to Christmas Eve Day.

3) Chilly in the corners. Laura says it was 39 degrees outside.

4) Ye Fycebykke led me to a post about George Washington's various Christmas experiences, which led me to Martha Washington's recipe for Yorkshire Christmas Pie. Intimidating, to say the least!

5) We are not going to church this morning after all, and Tony has suggested we go to the cemetery this afternoon (I haven't seen the headstone yet), so at some point I'm going to have to clean my carcass and figure out the cooking schedule with Mother and so forth.