Out in Society

There's a group of people who think I lead a glamorous life (perhaps because I use "dine" and "rendezvous" as verbs), whereas I tend to see the long gray gaps in my schedule. This week, though, my life has been social enough to fulfill the stereotype:

  • Wednesday morning breakfast at B-JO with an out-of-town friend with discerning taste and great ideas. What better way to start the day than with a thermos of rich coffee and plate of eggs Benedict and inspiring brainstorming?
  • Wednesday evening gathering at Sister S**** of about ten men, all mutual friends of my breakfast companion. We were the only customers in the bar for about two hours - like having a private room. Seriously good catch-up conversation. On arrival (I was the third), I was approaching the hangry stage and ordered a bacon cheeseburger with fontina tater tots. When it arrived, so had more people; I felt uncomfortably like the beautiful blond good-time girl in The Bad and the Beautiful who instantly abandoned dancing with Gilbert Roland to tuck into a gigantic steak when it was brought to the table. First a manhattan, then a fig-infused old-fashioned, and finally the barman served us all a specially-concocted shot, very fruity. And for myself, a mistake. 
  • Today, luncheon with two colleagues featuring great non-work chatter and a turkey club.
  • Tonight, off to the L*z*** Lounge in Hahvahd Squayah with two friends to hear Big Lazy and a couple other bands.

The long weekend stretches before me completely unscheduled, but I note that the new movie version of Murder on on the Orient Express is supposed to open tomorrow . . .