Sunday, October 8

1) One of those very very rare days when I open all the windows in every room.

2) With my back porch coffee and The Happiness Project came the realization that an engagement planned for today with someone I met a month ago would not take place. I tried not to let that knowledge impact the rest of my day, but it did form a minor undercurrent, like a thin dark line just under the horizon.

2a) Yes, I did post about that on Fycebykke, and it was great to feel supported by friends.

3) It felt good to write and publish a column - I do think I do my best work when I get questions from other people - and correspond with some folks, and handle some housework.

4) The T*** and C****** horoscope indicates issues in both my Scorpio and Libra from October 8-11. So I'm gonna try to lie low . . .

5) Mother called this evening - she and I have talked almost daily for the last week, each of us calling the other - with some nice stories.

6) There's really almost nothing like the car chase in Foul Play to improve one's move - "Kojak! Bang bang!" - and all the delicious absurdity of that movie. And I still love Manilow's "Ready to Take a Chance Again."