Saturday Morning, October 7

1) My head is a rock tumbler this morning, disturbed and worrying about several different topics: issues of Southern heritage, yesterday's news about the "religious freedom" that will allow "Christian" conservatives to discriminate against me and people like me, home repair, The Happiness Project, and things that are urgent rather than important.

2) The surprise appearance in Boston of a former colleagues led me to do something last night I rarely do any more: go out after 9 PM, after dinner, for a drink. And it was good. As it happened, we both arrived at the Snub Café from different directions at exactly the same time. And I was surprised that there was a doorman who insisted on stamping my wrist before I went in, a new-to-me feature. Since my friend and I were there mostly to talk, we headed for the relative quiet of the Napoleon Room. Back in the day this was just the far end of the dining room, but moving the piano back there on a little stage, and glassing it in, has made a pleasant cabaret space - mostly for those of us Of a Certain Age. When I left after a couple drinks, I was genuinely surprised to see the small courtyard at the entrance, and the sidewalk, thronged with Young People waiting to get inside.

2a) Daddy needs to get out more.

3) OK, Robert, up and at 'em!