Friday Morning, October 6

1) Sometimes the theme of 2017 seems to be "system failure." Feet (I'm sure it's plantar fasciitis - I really must call the doctor), teeth (but those issues are resolved), and now it looks like I can add HVAC to the list. The air conditioning just stopped working in late August (thank goodness our summer was comparatively mild, so I didn't use it much), and last week I finally remembered to call the nice repairman. He's been in the cellar tinkering away for an hour, and it looks like my 14-year-old system is now ready for the glue factory.

1a) In the words of the late Judith Traherne, "I'll have a heaping dose of prognosisivo negatividad!"

2) So in a way it's good that yesterday morning I started reading The Happiness Project, because instead of having a meltdown over the cost and inconvenience, I am focusing on gratitude that there's a solution.

2a) A colleague lent me The Happiness Project as something to investigate after Reunions . . . in 2016. Well, I guess now is still after Reunions 2016! :-)

3) Working from home has its good and bad points.