Monday Morning, October 23

1) Wonderful night's sleep - first from 7:45 PM - 1:45 AM (!), and then from 4 - 7 AM.

1a) But awakened by a rather disturbing dream about 6:30: I was arriving at a train station to get my train; the platform was outdoors. I saw a train go by me toward the station, and then a runaway freight car all by itself. I was afraid it was going to run into the first train, but it turned on a track just before it might have hit it, and then fell over and broke apart. Workmen began running toward it, including one of them running on the tracks - and you guessed it, then my train appeared, speeding more quickly than either the first train or the runaway freight car. The train passed me on the platform, speeding toward the workmen. Oddly it now seemed that more men were running on the tracks now. I called out "Stop running on the tracks!" as the train overtook them, seeming to ride over a gigantic pile of men.

2) Citizen Kane and The Devil Wears Prada.

3) OK, let's go out and conquer the week!