Thursday, October 19

1) Happy birthday Grampa, happy birthday Cousin Susan! Grampa died in 1974, and Susan only last year. Each of them taught me a lot, in their own ways. Rest in peace.

2) Coffee and devotional in the . . . shucks, do I call it the study, the studio, the guest room? I think I will have to call it the gray room. The room's color remains the same no matter the function.

2a) This morning it was "On Reason and Passion" and "On Pain" from Gibran's The Prophet.

3) Listening to the off-to-school tumult on parents and children in the front stairwell, I think about the Last Roommate and how difficult that was for him; his daily routine was almost the complete opposite of everyone else in the building, including me, and he was very sensitive to noise. I feel sure that, wherever he is, he's in a more suitable environment now.