Thursday Morning, October 12

1) Awake, and up, very early after a night of relatively heavy sleep (but not enough), facing for the first time the enormity of returning to Interlochen tomorrow for my 35th high school reunion. I haven't packed, my flight leaves at 5:00 AM (oops!), the forecast calls for rain all weekend long (but forecasts change), I haven't been back for four years, and I signed up to perform at coffeehouse for the first time since I graduated.

1a) And did I mention I don't have a pair of blue corduroys?

2) Thoughts of what I need to accomplish at the office today, the extreme goodness of the first sip of coffee this morning, the welcome surprise of a dish of lamb cassoulet on my doorstep when I got home last night from the awards program (part of my sharing economy with the third floor neighbors). 

3) Systems failure/repair is sort of a minor theme of 2017. Issues with teeth, feet, HVAC, phone (I very much fear I'm going to have to get a smartphone), and now the chimneys (surprise!) all demand attention. Exasperating as some of these things can be, I am grateful for the ability to handle them.