Monday Morning, May 21

1) No fewer than three friends reached out to me about typographical errors in Etiquetteer's royal wedding column, which is one of the best response rates I've had lately. Perhaps I should do this more often! But it speaks more to how devilishly sleepy I was when I was finishing it.

2) Coffee and devotional in the study, going online to iread four Bible passages recommended by one of my best friends concerning "the ancient Christian understanding that God’s judgment on individuals would be vindicated by a general revelation to all of everyone’s sins and virtues."

3) No idea what the day will bring, but so grateful that I spent time at the office yesterday. It makes today clearer.

Sunday, May 20

1) Up just after 5 AM quite naturally. Devotional, coffee, breakfast, cleaning of bathroom fixtures, social correspondence, and then out the door to the office.

2) Sometimes another person's troubles benefit you. Today, I was shocked to see a 47 bus pull up half an hour early! Turns out a driver was late or something (I don't need to know the details, I just need to be grateful), and it was really the earlier bus 30+ minutes late. That bus driver's delay got me to work sooner.

3) Five good hours in the office including a) perpetual correspondence with a particular volunteer, preparations for a class's resort activites, and especially c) developed a presentation for which I'd been asked to use more humor.

3a) Now I just need to figure out how to make gifs work in ye Pywyrpynnte.

4) Absorbed in that Charlie Chan history I mentioned yesterday, but put it aside for an evening of domesticity, catch-up with the neigbhors, and some writing.

Thursday Morning, May 17

1) The quiet of an early morning after deep but too-brief sleep. The red-purple-pink of both the lilac and the redbud tree, the latter's branches already tipped with green.

2) Quote of the Day: “When we as people, a free people, go wobbly on the truth even on what may seem the most trivial matters, we go wobbly on America.” - Rex Tillerson, in a commencement speech at VMI

3) It's always a pleasure to find out that total strangers are reading Etiquetteer, so it's still a surprise that that Fycebykke post about the restaurant with a no crying children policy got so much traction. The column, too. Clearly a nerve was struck.

Wednesday Night, May 16

1) First, keep calm because there's a solution. Then you can freak out later.

2) Beautiful and necessary walk along the river at lunch with a colleague.

3) The deep, deep peace of being quietly at home.

Wednesday Morning, May 16

1) Up at 5 AM quite naturally and quite by accident, and spent two hours working on today's column. I trick myself into thinking the words will come easily, and then . . . but I feel good that I got it done.

2) Yesterday "Roses from the South" kept coming to me.

3) It is now established beyond any doubt that none of my dress shoes are waterproof. And as observed earlier, I have two closets full of nothing to wear!

Tuesday Night, May 15

1) May 14 is special because it's my parents' wedding anniversary (1955) and my sister's birthday (erty-farf years later). May 15 is special because of birthdays: my best friend's, Original Boss's, and (bwaahahaha) the Final Roommate's, whose True Age I have not forgotten.

2) After a reasonable day at the office, left shortly after 5 PM on foot for Kendall Squayah, about five minutes before the heavens opened up. Thank goodness for the tunnel system on campus! And I discovered some wonderful murals en route.

3) Saturated to the thighs, I squshed into ye Cytylyst for Best Friend's birthday dinner. At different points in the evening the sunlight outside was golden, yellow-green, or orange due to the storm. Fascinating.

3a) Our party of five enjoyed a mighty fine dinner: for me, lamb meatballs served with very thinly sliced cucumber, chicken with lemon and barley risotto, and the most heavenly milk chocolate mousse. And because we are all in our fifties, we talked about real estate values, air travel to glamorous destinations, and some of the more ominous, and humorous, aspects of healthcare.

3b) I must say, their new Upside Down cocktail is going to be my new go-to drink there.

Films for Mother's Day

The original Mother's Day double feature, which I think was 1992, is Mildred Pierce, with Joan Crawford and Ann Blyth, and Madame X with Lana Turner and a young and beautiful Keir Dullea. But of course there are some wonderful old movies besides these to enjoy on Mother's Day.

Imitation of Life - "LOVE?! But you've always had THAT!"

Now, Voyager - "No member of the Vale family has ever had a nervous breakdown."

Psycho - "Mother's not herself today." I will never see this movie because I enjoy showering too much.

A Summer Place - "I want you to take off every stitch you've got on and let him examine you."

The Manchurian Candidate - one of Angela Lansbury's greatest performances

Carrie - never seen it, never will.

And of course Mommie Dearest.


Friday Midday, May 11

1) So, Brokelahomo last night. I've now come to expect that the plot of a Gold Dust Orphans show won't necessarily follow the original material that inspired its title. For instance, last Christmas's Whatever Happened to Baby Jesus? was really the plot of Summer Stock with Judy Garland and Gene Kelly with only the barest veneer of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Brokelahomo was much more Johnny Guitar, but the Brokeback Mountain subplot came through, and what I really wanted most came at the end: a full-throated all-cast parody of the title song from Oklahoma! with a bit of roaring harmony in the din.

1a) Protip: Never order a cocktail in a stem glass at the Ramrod Center for the Performing Arts. They just aren't conducive to the theatre setup, and you'll end up sloshing about a third of it on the floor.

2) Up like a stone at 6:30. No devotional, but pretending that reading Herbs and the Earth on the T fills that function this week.

3) I've had to put on my therapist hat for two people so far today, but that's no small part of what I'm here for.

Thursday Morning, May 10

1) Networking event last night, notable for a few friends old and new, a strawberry lavender eclair, and actually getting to transact some business (one of my Pops contacts staffs a table).

1a) Just say no to adhesive nametags. For me they inevitably curl at the edges and then drop to the floor. I noticed at least one person who brought his own nametag, which looked sharp.

2) Dinner afterward with a close friend Anchovies, the Last Affordable Restaurant in the South End. Hadn't been there in ages, maybe a year.

3) This afternoon I emcee the awards convocation, and the staff prepared a magnificent binder for me with a tabbed page for each awardee. I feel so well cared for!

3a) And then tonight Brokelahomo with the Gold Dust Orphans at Ramrod Center for the Performing Arts.


1) "Sing lustily and with good courage. Beware of singing as if you were half dead, or half asleep; but lift up your voice with strength. Be no more afraid of your voice now, nor more ashamed of its being heard, then when you sung the songs of Satan." - John Wesley, from his Directions for Singing in Worship

2) "Sing out, Louise!" - I don't really have to tell you who said this, do i?

3) "How loud do I want it? I want it so loud that all that's left of this church is a heap of smoking rubble smudged with the moisture of happy tears." - Me

Tuesday Midday, May 9

1) File under #celebrateeverything: This morning I had to collect some documents on campus, so altered my commute to take the bus from Mass. Ave. Station. Not only were my wait times < 3 minutes for train and bus, I got seats without being unduly crowded and Mass. Ave. was not gridlocked so I was 15 minutes early. #win

1a) Bonus: waiting in line for a breakfast sandwich I was startled and delighted to run into Miss B_____, a sweet friend lo these 34 years, whose path rarely crosses mine these days.

2) From the world of Alumni Relations, an unusual request. The brother of a recently deceased alumnus called asking for a photo of the deceased. Alas, nothing in the yearbooks.

3) It is really and truly a heavenly day today.

Thursday Night, May 4

1) Thinking about all the victims of Bernie Madoff tonight, and wondering how they're doing.

2) It was a comfort food night tonight, and even though I haven't ordered it in months, tonight I ordered the buffalo chicken mac and cheese. And Rick Berlin always gives me grief about it. I said when it arrived "A welcome sight!" And he came back with "A familiar sight."

3) The Three Prettiest Weeks of the Year got cut short this year. The star magnolia blossoms are wilting and shedding almost before my eyes, replaced by green leaves too soon.