Saturday, May 27

This morning and early afternoon made up the extent of my holiday weekend, as 'm very much at the office preparing for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year otherwise:

1) Could not sleep later than 6 AM (I ask you . . .) but happily spent the morning writing the previous entry about archives, breakfasting, drinking coffee, washing three loads of laundry, and generally enjoying being at home.

2) Long anticipated, today I had my first haircut with a new barber, and I am overjoyed to have my hair back. The men whose appearance I seem to admire most are those with symmetrical, orderly hair. My (now former) barber started me on this fuzzy-bowling-ball-with-a-cowlick cut that is okay for Men Much Younger Than I, but has always left me feeling like "mutton dressed as lamb." Besides which, my hair just did not want to conform to that cut and would keep flopping about. Now I look appropriate for my age, stylish but not fashionable, and more put together.

2a) Because, as I've said before, let's face it: my hair is all I have. :-)

3) A slight but unmistakably present headache most of the day, which I ultimately attributed to not drinking enough water on Friday. Two years ago I went through one day of Reunions with a violent migraine, and I am determined never to do that again, even if I hydrate so much I have to sleep in the bathtub.

Friday morning, May 26

1) Well, that sure puts the bitch in habitual.

2) At office by 7:45 AM to prep for a 9 AM telecon and leap into my biggest assignment of the year, concert seating.

3) It's interesting to consider when one has outgrown a book, or when it's just not possible to read it any longer. Examples from my past: The World According to Garp (mercy, it gave me a headache reading it once, why read it again?!) and Shirley MacLaine's Out on a Limb. That book fascinated me when I read it the first time in the 1980s, but when I picked it up again about 15 years later, nada.

Thursday night, May 25

1) This day has been nothing but diplomacy. That takes a lot of energy.

2) Crunch time just got crunchier thanks to a surprise power-down of the office network due to maintenance of something. I should have been at the office much later.

3) Earlier this year a colleague taught me the word "hangry," when you're so hungry your angry. I fended off the hangry at the the student center with a burrito, and then got myself home.

BONUS: Dishwashing and relaxing with Shag, which I hadn't seen since it's initial release. What a FUN movie.

Thursday morning, May 25

1) Early start today - sometimes when you can't sleep, that's all you can do.

2) Parlor coffee and reading from the pages of the latest issue of Boston Spirit: the defeat of the homophobic Allied Veterans War Council and an interview with Martha Graham-Cracker.

3) Really I ought to be chained to an escritoire and forced to catch up on the many Lovely Notes I owe: thank-you notes, family occasions. Etiquetteer is Perfect Me. Real Me is much shabbier.


Wednesday morning, May 24

1) I didn't expect to start the day reading the new Y**** terms of service and privacy policy.

2) Haven't given Roger Moore a sustained thought since 1987 (1988?) when he made a guest appearance on Dame Edna's Christmas special (with, among others, the Wells Cathedral Choir). Now he's dead, I'm all about Carly Simon singing "The Spy Who Loved Me."

3) Today I'm responding to a wedding invitation, and that makes me very happy.

Tuesday midday, May 23

1) When I saw that Roger Moore had died in today's news, I immediately thought of the last line of The Spy Who Loved Me. Discovered in post-coital bliss with Barbara Bach in a bachelor pad-style escape pod, and asked what he was doing by astonished officials, Moore/Bond coolly responded "I've been keeping the British end up."

2) Lunching at my desk and thinking that Shower of Quinoa is a great name for a band. #spattering

3) Stimuli, stimuli . . . from every direction, stimuli.

Tuesday morning, May 23

1) Coffee in bed, reading T** N** Y*** T**** coverage of the bomb blast in Manchester, killing and injuring teen girls. What kind of person does something like that?!

1a) In the last few months the T**** has become my go-to for daily news. Certainly I look at the B***** G**** less than I did.

2) Sank into bed like a stone at 8:45 last night for a fitful night's sleep. I think it's unjust that the best sleep comes between 5-6:30 AM.

3) I see more of my father in my face now than I used to.

Sunday morning, May 21

1) One of the tasks on my weekend list is to find my date book, which has been missing for - oh, I don't know, a couple weeks? It is not in any of the likely places at home - coat pockets, bedroom table - so here's hoping it's at the office, where I'll be spending the afternoon.

1a) And not alone; it seems most of my colleagues will be there as we embrace the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

2) Tackling everything on my do list but what I claim I want to do most: write. :-(

3) Of course you can't expect to have a really restful night of sleep if you have nap from 5-6:30 PM. #iaccepttheblame

Saturday morning, May 20

1) How brief is lilac-time. Having my coffee in the parlor this morning and looking into the garden. The green leaves are chasing the lilac blossoms right off the branches. There's only a veneer of flowers left on the top. Behind it the redbud tree is now completely green.

2) My thanks to the FB friend who pointed out yesterday that today is Eliza Doolittle Day, so we should all have a good viewing of either or both Pygmalion with Leslie Howard and Wendy Hiller, and My Fair Lady with Rex Harrison, Audrey Hepburn, and all those ravishing gowns by Cecil Beaton. Preferably both. Here's a link to the former to get you started:

2a) Because of course you remember the lyric "Next week on the 20th of May I proclaim 'Liza Doolittle Day."

3) Wanting to begin this day with a feeling of gratitude for the many comforts in my life.

Friday night, May 19

1) Headache. For the first time in a long time. I think it's Etiquetteer getting back at me for pulling out my linen shoes today.

2) Surprised to learn via Flickr (first) and Facebook (next) of the death of author James Spada. Mutual friends introduced us about 25 years ago; I remember flirting with him at a party at Club Cabaret for the (awful) film Lie Down With Dogs. Later I got him to introduce a screening of Jezebel at the Coolidge Corner Theatre when his magnificent, definitive biography of Bette Davis came out, More Than a Woman. I haven't seen him for years - he'd moved back to California ages and ages ago - but I always remembered him with pleasure.

2a) I'll bet I still have those dog tags that were given out as souvenirs at that party.

3) During my bereavement this winter, one of my alumni volunteers who'd made a point about asking about my father said it would be so appropriate for him to make a donation to his scholarship fund in Daddy's memory. Well, that was a sweet thought, and I thought no more of it, until I got official confirmation yesterday from the Office That Handles Such Things that yes, a donation in Daddy's memory had been made to the Scholarship in Question by this alumnus. So - not just a sweet thought, but a thoughtful action! The Office That Handles Such Things is sending a notification letter to Mother, which I know she will appreciate.

3a) Daddy really valued education; having flunked first grade and spent most of his college years studying basketball, I think he was really in awe of Education. He always told me and my sister that he'd pay for all the education we wanted. Certainly he was disappointed I didn't go on to get a doctorate and teach at a university (but let's face it, that sort of career would make me miserable). But that veneration of Education makes a scholarship gift so appropriate for Daddy.

Thursday morning, May 18

1) First reall back porch coffee of the year. It's beautiful out here right now, with a Goldilocks-cool breeze with an aura of sneeze in it (I could do without that). I'm operating about half an hour later than usual - draggin' my @$$ after a late committee meeting last night and a swim.

2) Last night I quoted Churchill on FB: "This may not be the beginning of the end, but it may be the end of the beginning." Thank God the gummint finally grew the balls to appoint so special counsel! This journey is going to be painful for a lot of people, but it's a necessary journey. I only hope our democracy survives it.

3) The listserv for one of my reunion committees just lit up yesterday with emails about whether or not there was a women's crew team when they were students. It went on so long and was boring I went down the hall to look in their yearbook. I reported what I found, thinking that would end the discussion (at last!), and the first reply was "You consider the yearbook a credible source?" #sigh

BONUS: Apparently I will be in San Francisco for Pride!

Tuesday morning, May 16

1) Looks like we'll have a week of spring weather at last! This morning was a bit nippy for back porch coffee though; I lasted about five minutes.

2) Horrified by the news of President Trump's reckless sharing of classified information with the Russians. I have no words.

3) This afternoon I have a site visit at the USS Constitution Museum for an event.

On Facebook

Last night I scrolled back to 2011 on my Facebook feed because I felt like rereading my accounts of my trip to France that year. And reading that, I thought "Wow, back when Facebook was fun."

What's wrong with Facebook now? For one thing, they've made it impossible NOT to miss anything. Once upon a time I made a point of scrolling through my newsfeed until I hit my most recent status - the mark that I'd seen everything my friends had posted. Can't do that now! "Top Stories" is an abortion (as Ignatius J. Reilly would say), but even "Most Recent" does not include 100% of posts from 100% of FB friends. And that's what I want, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Facebook also doesn't allow us to control settings enough to stop seeing things like posts from total strangers who are friends of FB friends, etc. "Manage what you see in your feed" includes no useful options.

And content-wise - and I am the first to admit that I'm part of the problem - it's gotten way too political. So many people only use FB to post links to new stories, and not always very thoughtful or responsible news stories either.

Aside from all that, I was interested to see how my style had evolved since then. Back in 2011 I still hadn't adopted my tripartite status update of three not-always-related items. I couldn't remember certain things that I had shared. (For instance, who was the old lady who was bothering me at the office that day? Does it matter?) A name appears in one of my statuses - and I can't remember who it was. Links to FB friends no longer appear in some statuses because they've left, deleted old profiles before adding a new one, or unfriended. I went to one person's profile, which was marked "Add Friend." And then I remembered "Oh right, I unfriended a couple years ago because we never interacted."

My question is: when FB has finally jumped the shark, where will be all go?

Monday morning, May 15

1) It seems a lot of people I know were born on May 15 . . . including the Roommate Who Finally Moved Out last month. If I was going to be a True 100% Full-On B****, I'd send a Happy Birthday email to him today with his TRUE AGE in the subject line, since I'm one of the few people who know it, but I just can't bring myself to be a True 100% Full-On B**** like that.

2) Besides, I'm in too pleasant a mood after a rare night of good sleep. Two roughly three-hour blocks of sleep, followed by an hour or so of semi-consciousness. Heaven.

3) It's a mighty dreary day for Straw Hat Day (did you see the Etiquetteer video?) but it looks like tomorrow will be better.