Those interested in the Perfectly Proper and/or Slightly Eccentric may enjoy pursuing the following links:

Other Etiquette Sites

The descendants of Emily Post continue her legacy at the Emily Post Institute.Etiquetteer just learned a few things about wine tasting etiquette at this site.

Those who prefer clothing-optional beaches, check Naturist Beach Etiquette for Perfect Propriety in these locations.For those inspired to Perfecty Propriety by poetry, Max Ehrmann's Desiderata may be the 20th-century counterpart to Polonius's advice to his son Laertes in Hamlet.


Etiquetteer was thrilled in 2013 to visit Pied a Terre in Venice and discover their beautiful and Perfectly Proper furlane or friulane, the traditional footwear of Venetian gondoliers, but realized in luxury fabrics.

For the true gentleman of Venice, a traditional tabarro, or cape, lends a dash of drama. The best come from Monica Daniele in the San Polo sestiere. Beau Ties, Ltd.: A vast selection of bow ties from conservative to audacious for the crisp-looking gentleman.

Haspel has long been the source of Perfectly Proper summer suits.

Perfect Propriety with a fresh vintage spin may be found at J. Peterman. This catalog is one of the most articulate and informed Etiquetteer has ever found.

For the Perfectly Proper Scotsman, Kinloch Anderson purveys all that is meet and right for Highland Dress.

LaCrasia Gloves, despite some unusual fetish-style photography, is probably the last surviving first-class glovemaker in the United States. Ladies especially will want a pair of their custom-made debutante gloves. Gentleman should check their extensive collection for all occasions.

Gulden and Brown Vintage Gowns offers authentic vintage couture for ladies as well as a lot of additional information many ladies would do well to learn.

"Jewelry that Makes the Man" from the Maine Antique Digest of 1998, by Peter Theriault, "turn(s) the spotlight on men as admirers and wearers of jewelry."What not to wear at a wedding is vividly shown on the Ghetto Fabulous Wedding page.


Etiquetteer was startled beyond belief to read about Flatulence Deodorizer products.Could these be a solution to the Elephant in the Room of etiquette?

Burdick's Chocolates: Etiquetteer loves the lush confections from Burdick's! Etiquetteer's mother always said "If you don't know what it means, go look it up."

Life in the Past (Where the Rent is Cheaper)

The Gentleman's Page of the Lively Arts Historical Association describes itself as "a resource for those who wish to look and act like; or perhaps better understand, the 19th Century American man."

This delightful blog of antique silver, Silver Pieces - the Strange and and Peculiar - will educate and entertain you.

Victorian Dancing Etiquette provides period information about how to give a dance or ball, and how to act once you get there. Invaluable information for those who make a point of actively living in the past.

Encyclopedia Titanica: The most comprehensive resource Etiquetteer has ever seen about the most famous doomed liner there ever was and the people on it.

House Mouse features house plans of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Alexander Palace Time Machine: This marvelous website allows you to wander through the preferred palace of the Last Tsar of All the Russias, Nicholas II and his large family.

The Victorian Turkish Bath: Malcolm Shifrin has created a remarkable collection of history, information, and illustration of the Turkish bath in Great Britain and the elaborate etiquette that goes along with the ritual of the hammam.The John Singer Sargent Gallery comprehensively covers the prodigious output of one of the greatest and most well-known portraitists to bridge the last two centuries.

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