August 6, 2019: Etiquetteer is quoted in a Christopher Muther article in the Boston Globe: “No one — and I mean no one — wants to see your bare feet on a plane. Ever.” ““If you’re at home alone, you could sit around stark naked with your feet up on the wall and it wouldn’t bother anyone. Out in public, and especially in such a confined space as an airplane, behavior like that is aggressively inconsiderate . . . “


Prepare to enjoy an evening of Prohibition-era gaiety at Etiquetteer’s Repeal Day Celebration the Gibson House Museum! Friday evening, December 7, from 6:30 - 8:30 PM, Tickets are $85 and may be reserved on the Gibson House’s Events page. Space is very limited, so don’t delay.

Proudly sponsored by Ryan and Wood Distilleries, and featuring their Knockabout Gin! Kirsten “Miss Kitty” Amann and Misty Kalkofen will oversee the bar and speak about their new book, Drinking Like Ladies: 75 Modern Cocktails from the World's Leading Female Bartenders.

Sumptuous hors d'oeuvres will be served in the dining room. Period attire is encouraged but not required. Plan to join the fun!

Etiquetteer was delighted to present "Evolution of the Dinner Party 1837-1901" last night at the WGBH Masquerade fund-raiser based on Season Two of Masterpiece's Victoria. Among other innovations of the period, Etiquetteer touched on jellied desserts, gas lighting, service à la russe, and indoor plumbing.

Photo by Paul Hart Miller.

Photo by Paul Hart Miller.

Photo by Paul Hart Miller.

Photo by Paul Hart Miller.

MARCH 10, 2018: Etiquetteer will be one of the featured speakers at the WGBH Masquerade fund-raiser inspired by season two of Masterpiece's Victoria. Information about all the speakers may be found here. Etiquetteer readers get 25% off their tickets! Use the promotional code "Etiquetteer" when you order your tickets here.

FEBRUARY 27, 2018: Etiquetteer is delighted to present an Etiquette Dinner for the MIT Division of Student Life "How to Adult" series of events. "How to Adult" is an annual series of events meant to support students in developing skills for life.


Friday, December 8, 2017, 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Gibson House Museum, 137 Beacon Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02116

Celebrating the end of the Noble Experiment for a sixth consecutive year, join Etiquetteer at the Gibson House Museum in Boston's historic Back Bay for a festive occasion sponsored by Ryan and Wood Distilleries of the North Shore and featuring Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails behind the bar.

Tickets are $75 and may be ordered on the Gibson House Events page. SPACE IS LIMITED, and this is a rare opportunity to party in this historic home. Plan to join Etiquetteer and other cognoscenti for this special celebration of Repeal!













"YOU DON'T HAPPEN TO LIKE GIN, DO YA, MAMIE?" Etiquetteer is preparing to host the fourth annual Repeal Day Celebration at the Gibson House Museum on Friday, December 4, 2015, from 6:30 - 8:30 PM. Sponsored by Ryan and Wood Distillery and featuring delicious cocktails made of their Knockabout Gin by Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails, Repeal Day is a rare opportunity to celebrate in the museum's rooms. SPACE IS LIMITED, so please order your tickets at once. Amid the carousing and refreshments, there will be door prizes!



Etiquetteer on the grand staircase of the Gibson House Museum, paying homage to the late Charles Hammond Gibson, Jr., who made his guests sit on the stairs for cocktails.

Photo courtesy of Mary Prince Photography.

January 8, 2015: SAVE THE DATE! Etiquetteer will speak at the Gibson House Museum on Tuesday, February 17, on The Evolution of the Dinner Party 1860-1954. "Etiquetteer explores how the way Americans entertained at home changed during the time the Gibsons lived at the Gibson House. The Victorian formal dinner party of many courses and ever more obscure accessories gradually gave way with the social upheavals following World War I, including Prohibition. By World War II, writers like Dorothy Draper were gaily recommending buffet dinners with striking color schemes and other novelties."

Tickets are $10 for Gibson House members, $15 for non-members. Reception at 6:00 PM, program at 6:30 PM. For tickets, please email

September 22, 2014: Etiquetteer is honored to emcee the History Project's 2014 History Maker Awards on Thursday, October 2. Please go here for more information and to order your tickets!



September 16, 2013: SAVE THE DATE! Etiquetteer will again be hosting a benefit cocktail reception to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition (December 5, 1933) at the Gibson House Museum on Monday, December 9, 2013, from 6:30 - 8:30 PM. Etiquetteer will offer a few deft words about the manners and morals of Prohibition. Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails (LUPEC) will be serving Charlie’s Beacon, a cocktail specially designed in honor of the Gibson House and its founder, Charles Hammond Gibson, Jr. Ryan and Wood Distillery of Gloucester is graciously sponsoring Repeal Day with its world-class Knockabout Gin. Period attire is encouraged.

All proceeds go to support the matching grant of $7,081 awarded to Gibson House Museum from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) through the Museums for America grant program. The grant will fund a project to scan, digitize, and archive photographs from the collection held in 21 photograph albums, a total of 1356 images. This project will enable the House to fulfill its mission to welcome people through a variety of programs.

Tickets are $100. Space is strictly limited to 35 guests, so make your required reservations now by contacting the House at or 617.267.6338! February 3, 2013: Etiquetteer's latest "Good Manners at the Gibson House" was written up in The Quad: Boston University's Independent Online Magazine. While it's flattering to be referred to as a "Twentieth-century etiquette scholar," Etiquetteer rather wishes that the young reporter had verified a few terms; for instance, there is no such thing as a "selber." Etiquetteer was referring to the use of a salver.

February 3, 2013: Those wonderful folks over at Enterprise Media launched a piece on etiquette in the workplace with a kind reference to Etiquetteer. Thank you!

SAVE THE DATES! Etiquetteer is delighted to inform you of two engaging events in partnership with The Gibson House Museum:

  • REPEAL DAY CELEBRATION, Monday, December 3, 6:00 - 8:30 PM, at the Gibson House, 137 Beacon Street, Boston. Those who love Perfect Propriety, gin, and historic houses (not necessarily in that order) will want to join Etiquetteer at the Gibson House to celebrate the 79th anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition! Sponsored by Ryan and Wood Distillery and featuring their bright and flexible Knockabout Gin, the Ladies of LUPEC will create a special cocktail in honor of the occasion. Etiquetteer will offer a few deft words about the manners of Prohibition, and door prizes will be awarded. All proceeds go to support the continued operation of the Gibson House. Tickets are $75 and $125 and may be reserved by contacting the House at

  • GOOD MANNERS AT THE GIBSON HOUSE WITH ETIQUETTEER returns to the Gibson House on January 22, 2013. Information about tickets and reservations will be posted when reservations are being accepted. An April, 2013, date is also in the works!

October 15, 2012: Etiquetteer spoke  on "Failures of Brahmin Entertaining" at the annual Tea of The Gibson House Museum, which took place at the College Club.

Etiquetteer at the College Club, October 15, 2012

Etiquetteer at the College Club, October 15, 2012

January 27, 2012: Etiquetteer was interviewed for the Boston Spirit blog at in preparation for "Good Manners at the Gibson House with Etiquetteer."

January 23, 2012: "Good Manners at the Gibson House with Etiquetteer" is getting some nice press, including Back Bay Patch and the latest issue of Boston Spirit. As of today the February 1 6:00 PM tour is nearly sold out! Please contact the Gibson House to reserve a space as soon as you can!

October 17, 2011: SAVE THE DATE for Etiquetteer's first guided tour of an historic home! "Good Manners at the Gibson House with Etiquetteer, presented by Robert B. Dimmick" will take place on Wednesday, February 1, 2012, at the Gibson House, 137 Beacon Street, Back Bay, Boston. A reception will take place from 6-6:30 PM followed by a one-hour program. Admission is free to Gibson House members and $10 per person for the general public. To reserve, please contact or 617-267-6338.

The Gibson family and their belongings are used to explain Victorian and early 20th-century manners by Etiquetteer, etiquette columnist Robert B. Dimmick, on a 60-minute tour of the Gibson House. Etiquetteer's witty interpretation will leave you with a less stuffy opinion of Boston Brahmins!

February 22, 2008: Etiquetteer is quoted in a Boston Globe story about charm and likability by reporter Beth Teitell.


October 13, 2006: Etiquetteer was honored to judge the MIT Quarter Century Club's Silver Tea and Hat Gala at the MIT Faculty Club. Etiquetteer led off with a few passages from Emily Post's 1923 edition of "Etiquette," on vulgar clothes and the superior quality of balls in Boston. Hats from the silly to the sensational appeared, and Etiquetteer awarded prizes for (from left to right) "Best in Show" for Overall Ensemble, Best Use of Organic Matter (the red roses are real, while the blue roses are velvet), Grand Prize for General Excellence and Elegance, Most Masculine Hat, and Silliest Hat. The latter, if you can imagine it, had an audio component: a toy antique telephone that rang!On Friday, January 28, 2006. Etiquetteer will appear at MIT's Charm School for a two-hour question-and-answer session, "Perfect Propriety with Etiquetteer."Someone at Haaretz, the Israeli newspaper, has posted a link to Etiquetteer, but you'll have to read Hebrew to understand it.Etiquetteer is quoted in the January, 2003 issue of enRoute, the in-flight magazine of Air Canada. Read the article here.

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